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Basingclog are your friendly local clog side in Basingstoke and surrounding area. We dance the North West style of clog performing dances from the North of England originating some 300 years ago in an around the cotton mills. We are a mixed side and as well performing traditional dances, we have been known to create our own to further the living tradition. Basingclog’s costume of black, white and red is designed to complement the style of North West dancing, giving a bright and colourful display.  We believe in dancing to entertain, and we are renowned for the energy and enthusiasm we put into our dances, and for the volume of noise generated by our band. 

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Basingclog offers music, fresh air, dancing, laughter and friendship in equal measure and a chance to be part of something worthwhile. We're actively seeking new members and welcome both male and female dancers and musicians. Why not check us out when we're dancing out somewhere? See Tours section.

We offer not only the dancing and playing but also some great music and song sessions after performances. 

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